Sunday, May 7, 2017

Saturday Morning Album

Ruz rezzed on the object named Don't F'ing sit here couch wearing his bunny slippers

Slater, Ruz and Aire, making a splash in their "Special Saturday morning gear"

Ruz, Aire & Sophie 

Pink Pony Posse invades Black Horse Country

Ruz & Sophie, Gull Gallery, Amante Island, second Life

waiting for Slater to rez, Gull gallery 

Raise your hand if you're an idiot! Ruz & Aire Amante island

Ruz, Sophie, Aire, Slater

We are so going to win that dance competition!

Invisible Roller coaster ride required special head gear

Air, Slater and Sophie

Aire takes forum post and creates curtains out of it in Gimp

sorry about your car Ruz

Hot air balloon ride

Paris, Saturday morning tour

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